1. Functional Cannabis With Pharma Nanotech? How KanhaFX Boosts Cannabinoid Delivery And Market Share

    By Nicolás Jose Rodriguez Kanha FX stands out in the cannabis industry, driven by its innovative use of science and technology, particularly through pioneering nanotechnology in its products. This strategic approach, enhancing the bioavailability and reducing the onset time of cann
  2. Rolling Into 4/20: What's On Your Wishlist? Spark Sales & Delight With Our Curated Cannabis Market Picks

    By Nicolás Jose Rodriguez As the calendar flips to April, the anticipation for the 4/20 festivities begins to build, marking a day that has transcended its underground roots to become a significant event in the cannabis industry. According to data from retail service provider Treez
  3. Discover a New High with Retro Bakery's Chocolate-Covered THC Cookies

    Ready to elevate your edible experience? Retro Bakery has crafted the ultimate indulgence: chocolate-covered THC cookies. These decadent treats perfectly blend rich chocolate with the euphoric effects of cannabis for a truly extraordinary escape from the ordinary.Retro Bakery's e
  4. Wana Brands Makes Historic European Debut, Targeting Switzerland's $543M Market

    By Maureen Meehan In a landmark move for the global cannabis industry, Wana Brands , a leading cannabis edibles company, is set to become the first American brand to introduce cannabis-infused edibles to Europe, as reported in Forbes by Javier Hasse. The company announced a strategi
  5. Wana Brands CEO Spearheads International Expansion In Cannabis Edible Market

    By Abbey Higginbotham Nancy Whiteman , the co-founder and CEO of Wana Brands , has been recognized as one of the most influential figures in the global cannabis industry. Her strategic vision and leadership have propelled Wana Brands to the forefront of the cannabis edibles market,
  6. What's Hot This Valentine's Day? Weed Retail Trends, Sales Insights And Love-Driven Business Opportunities

    By Nicolás Jose Rodriguez Valentine's Day presents a promising growth avenue in cannabis retail, particularly in niche product areas like edibles and topicals, highlighted by BDSA analyst Brendan Mitchel-Chesebro in an exclusive with Benzinga Cannabis. This period marks a unique ma
  7. NY Gov. Hochul 'Fed Up' With Slow Marijuana Market Rollout While Maine And Delaware Seek To Loosen Weed Regulations

    By Jelena Martinovic Washington State Seeks To Allocate Liquor And Cannabis Tax Revenue For Local Needs A new legislative push from state Sen. Keith Wagoner (R), aims to provide cities and counties in Washington state with more money to cover costs of affordable housing and public
  8. My infusion recipe:

    Decarb half ounce of reefer in pressure cooker for 40 min. quick release. Once cool, mix in canning jar with 1 1/4 cup coconut oil. Pressure cooker for 45 min. natural release. Once cool enough to handle but while still warm strain out the reefer. Mix 1 to 2 with dark chocolate or
  9. How A Precision-Obsessed Luxury Cannabis Edibles Brand Secured $11M In Funding: CEO Tells All

    By Nina Zdinjak Even amid a capital crunch across the cannabis industry, some companies still manage to gauge the interest of investors. To do that, they tend to bring an original concept to the table. One such company is Chicago-based luxury edible brand The Bettering Company, whi