1. Empowering Choices: Breast Reconstruction in Dubai

    Empowering Choices: Breast Reconstruction in Dubai offers comprehensive, personalized care for women seeking breast reconstruction after mastectomy or lumpectomy. Renowned for its state-of-the-art medical facilities and experienced surgeons, Dubai provides advanced reconstructive
  2. Stuff: News, Goodbyes, Other Sites, and My Thanks.

    I'm really going to miss Post and the community we had here. It was a special thing. 😪 Anyway, I set up an account on Bluesky as it seems everyone is there. You can use the following link or look for Kafkaesque2024: https://bsky.app/profile/kafkaesque2024.bsky.social I'm also on D
  3. This £50 Charity beauty box gets you £145 worth of products like Elemis and Charlotte Tilbury

    By Faith Richardson There’s nothing better than doing your part to support a good cause, and it’s even better when you can help out those in need whilst also treating yourself at the same time. That’s why The Perfume Shop has launched its latest charity beauty box , which lets you
  4. Pokemon voice actress 'barely able to walk' after cancer spreads to her spine

    By Alex West Rachael Lillis — known for her voice acting roles on Pokemon , Jessie and Misty — is struggling with cancer . The news was confirmed by her sister who launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with medical costs associated with her battle, including a nurse. According to the
  5. School orchestra makes a heartfelt musical gesture for 5-year-old battling cancer

    By Abhiram Sajai School orchestra makes a heartfelt musical gesture for 5-year-old battling cancer Battling cancer demands immense support and love. North Kansas City High School's orchestra offered this by composing a song for 5-year-old Quincy Fitzgerald, a young leukemia patient
  6. Supporting You Every Step Of The Way💜

    Today my client and friend had his first online training session after undergoing cancer treatment.🎗️ His workout included lots of😸laughter and movement👣 You are BRAVER and STRONGER than you’ll ever know‼️ Together WE ARE TOUGHER than Cancer💪🏾 #cancer #cancersurvivor #cancersupp