1. Tears as Dad Packs Son Lunch After Mom Dies: 'Like How She Always Did'

    By Alice Gibbs A grieving college student posted a heartwarming video about his 87-year-old father packing a lunch for him after his mom died, and told Newsweek how he was blown away by the response. Dave Collins posted a video on TikTok showing the moment he opened the lunch. The
  2. University Professors Are Losing Their Jobs Over “New McCarthyism” on Gaza As brutal police repression sweeps campus encampments, schools have been cutting ties with pro-Palestine faculty members without tenure.
  3. May 13

    By Jo Paoletti 1965 The foam is a jinx! We lost a meet to one of the lowest teams. 'Nuff sed. 1997 The school year ends today for me. Now on to that strange time between classes and summer school, my vacation and the kids’ vacation. Could be great, could be hectic - - changes every y
  4. "Student protesters often say that all they want is for the killing to stop. That may well be true. But that is not what they’re chanting, or how they’re chanting it." Judith Shulevitz dissects the history and literal meaning of the campus chants.
  5. Area law enforcement uses teargas, pepper balls to clear an encampment of pro-Palestinian protestors off the #UniversityofArizona campus. More images from the confrontation to be found here > http://tucne.ws/1pyo
  6. Rishi Sunak tells university chiefs there is no place for hate on campuses amid Pro-Palestine protests

    By Nicholas Cecil and Rachael Burford Rishi Sunak on Thursdy urged university chiefs to take personal responsibility for ensuring that campus pro-Gaza protests do not turn into hateful or intimidatory clashes. In a No10 meeting with vice-chancellors, the Prime Minister hailed Briti
  7. #giftarticle Regardless of your views on the current campus protests, this is a brief general history of the most known or covered. #protests #college #campus #history #students #firstamendment #CivilRights #BLM #Vietnam #AntiApartheid #OccupyWallStreet #FreeSpeech
  8. #protest #campus
  9. A counter-protester mimics a monkey at a black protester at #OleMiss . The #GOP has been fanning those flames and people will get hurt. Bullshit is escalating. I like the uploader's trolling caption tho. #dirtbags #students #protests #campus #racism #rednecks #rightwing #fuckingmed
  10. Lauren Boebert heckled with chants of ‘Beetlejuice’ by college students

    By Gustaf Kilander MAGA Republican Rep Lauren Boebert was heckled by protesters with chants of “Beetlejuice” as she visited the campus of George Washington University on Wednesday. In September, the lawmaker was infamously kicked out of a performance of the musical Beetlejuice in D