1. Trump Faces Fresh Fraud Accusations Over Melania’s $132,000 Hair

    By Lisandra Gomez-Tate In more proof that anything can happen in politics, it seems possible that due to a very large sum of money, former President Donald Trump may no longer possess the most famous hair in the Republican Party. Indeed, new allegations make it possible that Trump
  2. US J6 Post Traumatic Stresslevel Is Rising

    D eclaratory judgment In typical civil actions, plaintiffs seek damages or injunctive relief to remedy an injury. In other words, there generally must be an injury for which the court can grant relief prior to a party bringing a lawsuit. Declaratory judgment actions are an excepti
  3. MAGA-Republicans' Ostrich Strategy Will Not Protect Them From Liability

    The Seventh Circuit concluded that the district court did not err in giving a willful blindness instruction—often called an “ostrich instruction”—in Tantchev’s case. See id. at 652–54. As the court explained, an ostrich instruction “ is meant ‘to inform the jury that a person may
  4. Conservative lawyers argue Trump is legally disqualified from holding office | Chris Hayes on MSNBC #CREW #TrumpDisqualified #14thAmendmentSection3 #CampaignFinanceFraud #ComspiracyToComitFraud #Trump
  5. Justice, Put Your Shoes On Already!

    Noah Bookbinder @NoahBookbinder ( CRE W’s President ) asserts on the former birdsite as preserved in a screenshot, that: These conservative scholars are corredt that Donald Trump is disqualified from office under the 14th Amendment for engaging in insurrection, and there does not ne
  6. Urgency Ruling Is In The Public Interest

    Self-executing 14th Amendment Section 3 has now made the round, but even if it is not self-executing, like the Washington Post claims, there is reason to determine that Trump indeed inspired, incited, plotted an insurrection and gave and still gives aid and comfort to insurrectio