1. Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay more than $148 million dollars to two Georgia election workers for defamation. At $100 a pop he’d only have to make 1,480,000 Cameo videos. Good luck Rudy! #rudygiulani #defamation #Liar #garbage #georgia #election #election2020 #Lies #rudyis
  2. Is George Santos Now Woven Into The Fabric Of American Pop Culture?

    George Santos has no intention of disappearing… at least not ’til he’s behind bars. His fraud trial starts in September. Meanwhile, he claims-- with little credibility-- that he’s raking in the dough by making Cameo videos. The GOP Wishes He Would Be More Like Madison Cawthorn: In
  3. Elijah Wood and Mike Tyson Cameo Videos Were Used in a Russian Disinformation Campaign

    Videos featuring Elijah Wood, Mike Tyson, and Priscilla Presley have been edited to push anti-Ukraine disinformation, according to Microsoft researchers. By Matt Burgess For around $340, actor Elijah Wood can record you a personalized video wishing you happy birthday. John McGinley