1. Bye Post Pals I leave you with a bush rose called China Doll. It just began to bloom. I will miss this easy-to-use, cordial, well-designed platform; populated with gifted, intelligent, thoughtful people. 👋 Don't let it be forgot; That once there was a spot; For one brief shining mo
  2. #uspolitics BTW, the #RFKJr #brainworm story appears to come from his divorce, wherein he claimed that and mercury and probably space lasers as a way to pay less alimony. Prince Charming from Camelot... not.
  3. Using Cartoonish Accents, J.F.K.’s Grandson Insults and Mocks Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In an escalation of the family feud, the son of Caroline Kennedy portrayed heavily accented characters who suggested that his cousin, the presidential candidate, was on steroids, not too smart and
  4. Tories name new Post Office chairman after sacked predecessor's damaging attacks

    By Dave Burke The former boss at ex-National Lottery operator Camelot has been appointed to lead scandal-plagued Post Office. Nigel Railton will take over as chairman, replacing sacked Henry Staunton, who has been locked in an ugly war-of-words with Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch
  5. Jackie’s Strength - Tori Amos

    A Jackie, a-Jackie, a-Jackie, hey A Jackie, a-Jackie, hey A #Bouvier till her wedding day #Shots rang out the police came Mama laid me on the front lawn And prayed for #JackiesStrength Feeling #old by #TwentyOne Never thought my day would come My #bridesmaid 's getting #laid I pray for #Ja