1. All That’s Lori Beth Denberg Alleges Dan Schneider Sexually “Preyed” on Her

    In a statement to Vanity Fair, Schneider calls her accusations “wildly exaggerated and, in most cases, false.” By Savannah Walsh A new round of allegations against Dan Schneider have emerged in the aftermath of Quiet on Set . Lori Beth Denberg, who starred on Schneider’s Nickelodeon
  2. Why Does Jupiter Have A Red Spot?

    Jupiter's Great Red Spot is an anticyclonic storm in a persistent high-pressure region the size of Earth When you think about Jupiter (open in new tab), you probably picture either its immense size or the colored bands of gas that run down the side of it. Not only does the hulking
  3. Nudist cruise ship passengers shares rules that must be followed on board

    By Ellie Abraham A passenger on a nudist cruise has revealed the rules everyone onboard has to follow and they are quite unique. For people who are fans of taking their kit off, there are plenty of options when it comes to entertainment, as people have discovered the hidden nudist
  4. Costco shoppers should know these three things before buying gold bars

    By Rudi Kinsella Costco shoppers are being urged to take note of three things in particular before they rush to the megastore to purchase gold bars or coins. It is believed that Costco sells an estimated $200 million of gold bars and silver coins a month, so the interest in the pro
  5. Trump lawyer tells Supreme Court that political assassinations could be covered by presidential immunity

    By Caroline Anders Semafor Signals Supported by Microsoft logo Insights from The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider The News The US Supreme Court on Thursday considered whether presidents are immune from prosecution for actions taken while in office, in a pi
  6. Hmmm...Dems, Less Drama, More Getting Stuff Done

    GOP Candidate Sheehy. #BusinessInsider 6/7/2024 Excerpts: "I guess the only thing I'm guilty of is admitting to doing something I never did," Sheehy told the Post, affirming that his gun never went off at the national park." "Sheehy's admission came as inconsistencies piled up re
  7. Clarence Thomas' -- Former Law Clerks

    3/28/2024. Did you know John Eastman (yes, that John Eastman), Fox's Laura Ingraham, and John Yoo all clerked for #JusticeClarenceThomas ? [multiple links below]. Seems important. @vanityfair @lastweektonight #BusinessInsider #Mediait
  8. Business Insider Stands By Neri Oxman Stories After Weeklong Review

    Business Insider Stands By Neri Oxman Stories After Weeklong Review #News #USNews #Media #NewsMedia #Business #BusinessInsider #NeriOxman #Journalism
  9. Republicans are split on whether to endorse Donald Trump

    By Eric Garcia Former president Donald Trump is set to begin his final conquest of the Republican Party a week from Monday when the Iowa Caucuses kick off. The twice-impeached-four-times-indicted former president remains the prohibitive favorite, leading his nearest competitors by
  10. Bill Ackman says lifting from Wikipedia is not plagiarism after his wife’s work questioned

    By Kelly Rissman Billionaire hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman said taking phrases from Wikipedia “does not strike” him as plagiarism after his wife was accused of lifting the site ’s entries almost verbatim in her work. Mr Ackman has made headlines recently for his vehement opposition to