1. On this day in history, 76 years ago, October 20, 1947, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) opened hearings to investigate the motion picture industry, unnecessarily destroying the lives and careers of hundreds of actors, writers, and producers they had accused of i
  2. My review of the DVD The Twilight Zone: Volume 13 – War Is Hell, And Then Some #BurgessMeredith #DeanStockwell #DickYork #DVDReview #LeonardNimoy #PatrickMacnee #RodSerling #sciencefiction #sciencefictiontelevision #TwilightZone
  3. "Burnt Offerings (1976) opens, as so many of my favorite scary movies do, with our relatable heroes driving winding roads deep–into the country, into the woods, into the mountains. Into deep space, for that matter, if you want to extend the metaphor to its outermost limit. It doe
  4. Will WARBY PARKER be the eyeglass provider to BURGESS MEREDITH after THE BIG ONE drops?

    1960 #celebrity photo BURGESS MEREDITH CLICK PHOTO TO SEE 2nd PHOTO Do you remember this classic "Twilight Zone" episode? Burgess lives thru the dropping of THE BIG ONE on his city, but is forever handicapped from pursuing his favorite hobby - reading books. The reason would be, he