1. Bungie teases new Destiny 2 content with 'Codename Frontiers'

    By Jake Brigstock Bungie might have only just dropped The Final Shape , the last expansion in a storyline spanning 10 years, but the publisher seems to have put to bed any rumours that's the end for Destiny 2 by teasing Codename Frontiers which will release in 2025. The story of go
  2. Bungie Wins Lawsuit Against Cheat Maker Aimjunkies

    By Emily Price Bungie has won a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against cheat maker Phoenix Digital. Originally reported by Stephen Totilo on X, the case was potentially the first-ever video game cheating jury trial and resulted in Bungie winning $63,210 in damages from Phoenix Digital,
  3. Destiny 2’s best expansions are free to play on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

    By Andrew Williams Bungie has unlocked the best of Destiny 2 ’s expansions for all players ahead of the release of the upcoming The Final Shape DLC. For a limited period, Destiny 2 fans on PC, PlayStation and Xbox can check out The Witch Queen, Beyond Light, and Shadowkeep without p
  4. Almost all Destiny 2 expansions are free this month to prep you for The Final Shape

    By Scott McCrae Bungie has announced it's making almost everything in Destiny 2 free to play this month, including expansions, seasonal content and PvP Map Packs. Destiny 2 is rapidly barrelling towards the release of its next major expansion – The Final Shape, which launches on Tu
  5. PlayStation Showcase May 2024 rumours arise – but what does Sony have to show?

    By Scott McCrae Rumours of a new PlayStation Showcase have begun to swirl, with a May 2024 presentation in the cards just like last year. Speculation on Sony , Microsoft , and Nintendo planning showcases are a near constant in this world, but the latest batch of rumours are claiming
  6. #Bungie You should be firing your executives not your actual workers. They are the ones who made terrible decisions that the developers had to follow. Want to know why fans aren't happy? It's because the thing that made Bungie great was the PvP and you guys have completely forgott
  7. Watching this one stream! # Gamer #VideoGames #Competitive #Destiny2 #Bungie #DSOclan