1. Argylle’s Twists and Post-Credits Scene, Explained

    That whole Taylor Swift theory was a mere distraction from the film’s actual reveals. By Savannah Walsh This post contains spoilers for Argylle . Update, February 2, 12:30 p.m. ET: The actual writers of Argylle, the book, have been revealed: Terry Hayes, an Australian author and scre
  2. Henry Cavill attended the special Argylle experience in London along with his co-star and director of the upcoming film. #henrycavill #matthewvaughn #dualipa #brycedallashoward #argylle #redcarpet Full Story Here
  3. Henry Cavill Gets Upstaged by Supermodel’s Cat

    By Sofi Jurjevic British actor Henry Cavill is known for his iconic roles as DC Comics superhero Superman ( Man of Steel, Justice League, Black Adam ) and detective Sherlock Holmes in the Enola Holmes film franchise on Netflix, among others. View this post on Instagram A post shared b
  4. Action-Packed ‘Argylle’ Trailer Sees Henry Cavill & Dua Lipa Get Steamy on the Dancefloor

    By Rob Edwards If you had Dua Lipa dancing with Henry Cavill as he sports a Red Heat -era Arnold Schwarzenegger haircut on your 2023 bingo card then you’re in luck. The new trailer for Matthew Vaughn’s upcoming action flick, Argylle , opens with precisely that and only gets more bon
  5. Henry Cavill and Dua Lipa Steam Up the Spy Thriller Argylle

    Bryce Dallas Howard stars as their creator in director Matthew Vaughn’s send-up of his own action movies: “We’re having fun destroying these tropes.” By Anthony Breznican Between the Kingsman movies, Layer Cake, and Kick-Ass, filmmaker Matthew Vaughn has spent a lot of time on unde