1. Strange ancient objects defy explanation thousands of years after use

    By Harriet Brewis Archaeology is generally celebrated for providing a window into our shared past. However, the view of history offered by some ancient finds is foggy, to say the least. Indeed, some treasures remain a mystery hundreds of years on from their first discovery, with eve
  2. Metal from beyond our world found in ancient treasure trove

    By Harriet Brewis When archaeologists unearthed a Bronze Age treasure trove more than 60 years ago, they thought their discovery was out-of-this-world. Little did they know how true that was. Because it turns out that parts of the hoard, known as the Treasure of Villena, were crafte
  3. Roman Gold Ring and Bronze Age Ax Among More Than 2,200 River Finds

    By Aristos Georgiou More than 2,200 artifacts dating from "prehistory to the present day"—including a Roman gold ring and a Bronze Age ax—have been collected in an archaeological prospecting project in Portugal. The project, which involves the use of metal detectors, identified the
  4. Marines Find 3,500-Year-Old Greek Armor Battle-Worthy

    By Aristos Georgiou Modern marines have tested out ancient Greek body armor in an 11-hour simulation of Bronze Age combat and found it to be battle-worthy. The experiment, for a study published in the open-access journal PLOS ONE , revealed that an iconic suit of armor from the peri
  5. Archaeologists Reveal 'Enthralling' Bronze Age Burial Chamber

    By Aristos Georgiou An enigmatic structure that likely dates back thousands of years to the Bronze Age has been discovered in an English national park, archaeologists have revealed. The structure appears to be a cist—a coffin-like, stone-built box or burial camber that was used to
  6. Roman Cupid Figurine Among Over 10,000 Artifacts Unearthed by Highway Dig

    By Aristos Georgiou Archaeologists have uncovered more than 10,000 artifacts during excavations conducted as part of a highway upgrade project in the United Kingdom. The finds date from various time periods spanning more than 12,000 years of history—including the Mesolithic (Middle
  7. Archaeologists Discover 'Rare,' Well-Preserved Bronze Age Wooden Structure

    By Aristos Georgiou Archaeologists have uncovered a "rare" wooden structure that appears to have been preserved for thousands of years. The wooden well was found during excavations conducted at a site in the county of Oxfordshire, England, as part of a road construction project. Th
  8. Archaeologists Reveal Hundreds Of Ancient Monuments Using LiDAR [Ireland]

    shared technical article shared paper The first photo is Queen Maeve's Cairn, on the top of Knocknarea, near Sligo - so not in the study area, but one I have had the pleasure of hiking up to see... “A new study published in the journal Antiquity [link above] has revealed hundreds of