1. What kind of man calls the DEA? Not Gus Fring. It’s my latest for Collider. #BreakingBad
  2. "They offer Walter a job with health insurance enough to pay for his cancer treatment. 99% of viewers would accept this offer" Fact check: Nobody would get that offer as that's not how insurance works The Dark Psychology of Walter White from Breaking Bad
  3. So, I tried to watch Breaking Bad . When does the terrible cliche screen writing that I could do in my sleep go away and the "good" writing of the show start? Well...there was so much shitty writing that I never went back.
  4. #breakingbad
  5. Bryan Cranston Reveals Secret ‘Breaking Bad’ Tattoo He Got With Aaron Paul

    By James Crowley The actor showed off a tiny tattoo of the classic show’s logo that he got on the day that they wrapped filming at the same time as his co-star. Bryan Cranston found a small way to celebrate his accomplishments in the hit series Breaking Bad forever. The ac
  6. "Constellation", el nuevo thriller de ciencia ficción de AppleTV+, promete misterio y suspense en el espacio

    Apple TV+ lanza el primer tráiler de «Constellation», una serie de ciencia ficción con Noomi Rapace, que explora los misterios del espacio y la psicología humana. La serie se estrenará el 21 de febrero con una intrigante trama llena de enigmas y aventuras espaciales. «Constellatio
  7. I was really impressed with Breaking Bad when it first aired. It was ground breaking in every way, especially the first two seasons. I have been unable to catch Better Call Saul until I got real internet and found that AMC is streaming it. I'd much rather watch dynamic content li
  8. Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston attended the grand opening of Fontainebleau Las Vegas together. #breakingbad #aaronpaul #bryancranston #lasvegas Full Story Here