1. Little-known dementia symptom is first spotted in the eyes, says health expert

    By Paul Donald Being forgetful, thinking slower, forgetting the name of a close family member or friend and sight loss can be put down to old age, but they may also be signs of dementia. And when it comes to problems with the eyes, there is a little-known effect on our sight which
  2. Problem screen use hits attention and higher-level thinking, according to study

    By Georgia Gowing In a research first, an analysis of all the available evidence on the cognitive impacts of problematic screen use has shown it interferes with vital brain functions. Macquarie University psychology researchers have found that problematic screen use impairs a range
  3. Food craving could be little-known symptom of dementia you should never ignore

    By Ariane Sohrabi-Shiraz It's normal for our memories to become a bit more fuzzy as we get older - and they can also be affected by stress, illnesses or even certain medicines. But it's important to be aware of when symptoms might align with that of dementia , which is a syndrome a