1. Swimming Pool Shades Enhancing Your Pool Experience

    When you splash into a cool swimming pool on a hot day, it feels like paradise. But did you know that adding shades to your pool area can make it even better? Swimming pool shades are like the sunscreen for your pool. They keep the sun from shining too brightly, making your swim
  2. 'Pokémon Concierge' review: The ultimate back-to-work watch

    In the first 30 seconds of Netflix's Pokémon Concierge , our protagonist Haru is pummeled with a week's worth of life's top tier bullshit. She's dumped , her work bestie quits, she tanks a work presentation, and she steps in gum — twice. After her terrible, horrible, no good, very
  3. This bougainvillea is delightful. So happy we got this one
  4. SF Sidewalk Haiku #60

    The leaves put on the show here and bravo for them Stealing floral awe © Rick Ehling 08/14/2023 © photo 07/27/2023 Rick Ehling #Bougainvillea . Native to #SouthAmerica , Brazil to Argentina and west to Peru. Thorny ornamental vines, bushes, even trees. Quite thorny in fact. From 3-40
  5. Here’s one reason I love visiting Southern California! #bougainvillea
  6. Fragility in Flower

    As my week in Southern California comes to an end, I'm bracing myself for the delayed contemplation, those collected thoughts, that will come after getting back to Boston and onward to Ireland. There's a bit of a logjam in my brain, if you will, that generally results when you h
  7. After todays rain! #Flowersofpost #OriginalContent #photography #bougainvillea