1. #OTD 1982: The esteemed actress Anne Hathaway was born in New York City. [ Photo: Vogue Hong Kong. Visit The Echo of a Distant Time , @FloydEtcetera on FACEBOOK and X; @arthurnewhook on THREADS. @arthurnewhook.bsky.social; and @ArthurNewhook@mastodon.world. ]
  2. #OTD 1479: ‘Juana La Loca,’ a/k/a ‘Joan the Mad.’ Joan , who did reign as queen over Castile and Aragon, was born. A leader in name alone, for those around her did shoulder her responsibilities as she descended into the abyss of insanity. [ AI generated image. Visit The Echo of a D
  3. #OTD 1963: The illustrious singer Natalie Merchant was born in Jamestown, NY. [ Visit The Echo of a Distant Time , @FloydEtcetera on FACEBOOK and X; @arthurnewhook on THREADS. And @ArthurNewhook@mastodon.world. ]
  4. #OTD 1832: In my enumeration, the twenty-seventh woman to have borne the office of FLOTUS, Caroline Harrison (née Scott), was born in Oxford, Ohio . A benevolent and learned lady who commenced the endeavor of conserving the history of the White House. [ AI generated image. Visit Th
  5. #OTD 1922: The illustrious actress of film noir, songstress, and model, Lizabeth Scott, was born in Scranton, PA . With her husky voice and mysterious gaze, this lady emerged as an enchanting luminary of the silver screen during the 1940s and 1950s. [ Visit The Echo of a Distant Ti
  6. Aeronaut - Billy Corgan

    I went down the middle The #world survives Look out son the air's alive Call it ether elemental eye, oh Dark nights One #magic heart #deceives One little mind to ease off One #silver drum that beats, oh This mountain was torn from us This mountain was #torn from us If I'm leaving you witho