1. 👇 🇺🇸 "Maybe Killing the Border Deal Wasn’t a Political Masterstroke for the GOP, After All" #GOPChaos #BorderDeal
  2. White House Repeatedly Rebuffed House Speaker's Request For Talks With Biden: 'What Is There To Negotiate?'

    By Navdeep Yadav The White House dismissed repeated requests from House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) for a meeting with President Joe Biden , stating that there is no need for negotiations. What Happened : The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre , on Wednesday, again rebuf
  3. Trump Takes Credit For Collapse Of Bipartisan Border Deal: 'I Think We Killed It...It's Dead'

    By Navdeep Yadav Former President Donald Trump has claimed credit for the collapse of a bipartisan border deal, which he described as “dead.” What Happened : Trump took pride in the failure of the bipartisan border deal during a speech to the National Rifle Association in Harrisburg
  4. The GOP argument now is that Biden wouldn't enforce any new law, so why make laws? This is the epitome of cynicism, malpractice, and dereliction of duty. #GOP #republicans #Border #BorderDeal #bordersecurity #trump #MAGA #ukraine #israel
  5. When the Angels were minor league, my friend Blake had tickets to a game. We arrived and the game was two weeks prior so no game. So with a Border Deal, by the time the Republi-Klans get around to it, the time will have passed.