1. Here's what #blueoystercult is reaping from the vaults today
  2. We did not feat the Reaper on Sunday night with #BlueOysterCult
  3. I live for parody and satire

    You see me now a veteran, of the 2024s I've been living online so long Where the winds of outrage roar I'm alpha boy to look at But far too soy to see All the fraud is on the inside I can't vote in any Georgia State election, see? From the Heavy Metal soundtrack. #WorkInProgress #BlueOys
  4. 31 Day Song Challenge Day 23 - A Song That Mentions a Method to Kill or to Die (Halloween Version)

    You know, everybody wants their reputation to remain nice, clean and pleasant. Nobody wants to be responsible for something bad. And if there is something, the idea is to diminish it, find an excuse or just delete it. This happened with an episode of a television series called "Ha
  5. Dear Fukushima: I've seen this movie. #Music #BlueOysterCult #music #blueoystercult