1. ..a new report from the left-leaning nonprofit Media Matters found that numerous blue-checked X accounts with tens of thousands of followers claimed that the mass shooting in Maine was a “false flag,” planned by the government. Researchers also found such accounts spreading misin
  2. All new capabilities that #elon ’s bluechecks have never had access to bef … wait a minute … 🤔
  3. 55 with an idea? Maybe?

    Greetings all. Question 1: Is #Post the thing now...or should I multi-social media? Thoughts? Question 2: I am thinking about focusing on the Hospice experience I have had as a son caring for his mother. #ACHC & #JCAHO would be referenced greatly...and expertly. Again, Thoughts?
  4. For New Posties: Blue Checks

    Blue Checks are not a status symbol whatsoever here on Post. Anyone can be verified for free. For example, I am a totally average person with no particularly amazing expertise. 😁 It's just a feature that improves the security of your account and lets people know you are a real p
  5. You Maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! God damn you all to hell! #BlueChecks