1. I'm surprised he didn't cancel. I guess he decided getting booed would look better than running away at the last minute. But I'm sure he's ranting at his surrogates now about how it's all their fault.
  2. Thank you for saying that. Furthermore, he wouldn't have his time so "unfairly" consumed with a weeks-long trial if he hadn't been committing crimes right and left. I mean, who's to blame? And it's not Alvin Bragg.
  3. Who’s at fault on abortion… Trump Who’s at fault on the Border… Trump Who’s at fault for Attempted Coup… Trump Who’s at fault for the big Lie… Trump Who’s at fault taken top Secret Documents… Trump Who’s at fault trying to Steal Election …. Trump, State Republicans, fake election Cong
  4. The press and trump are not responsible for trump being where he is now. The blame is rightfully lain at the feet of the sycophants who push and promote him because there's big money to be made from using a demented fall guy as camouflage for your illicit ambitions. trump can't c
  5. Please place the blame accordingly...

    So... I've seen lotza posts slamming Merrick Garland and I truly understand and appreciate the Abject Frustration that we are All Feeling at present in today's issuance from the Wildly Corrupted Supremes... However... I think it's actually factually Important to Place the Blame
  6. Donald Trump to Kevin McCarthy - Just tell them Biden is weaponizing the DoJ and the FBI is keeping you from information on Biden and leave the rest to me! #HouseGOP #Deflect #Blame
  7. The despicable race-baiting of a desperate attorney.

    There is nothing more despicable than playing a race-card for personal fame and gain. Such is the case with Rosemary Scapicchio, a Boston attorney who is representing New England Patriots defender Jack Jones in his gun-smuggling case. Certainly, she has to use whatever she can to
  8. Clarence Darrow or Gerry Spence.

    I kinda respect Anderson Cooper for his comments about that primetime faux pas his current employer endorsed and aired the other night. He said: (paraphrasing and condensing) He pointed out and condemned all the lies Trump spewed. He condemned the audience for laughing and applau