1. I can't really complain since it is around 10C (50F) outside but it does feel a bit chilly and I've even started the radiators again. Still it is much better than winter 😀 The dogs agree with me and have mostly stayed indoors even though the kitchen door has been open so that the
  2. Nevermore

    Hi Everyone! It's good to be back. Had a bit of a 'time' recently. Mum had a serious fall in her care home (she banged her head) and we spent 12 hours expecting to hear any moment that she was going to die. It triggered my PTSD (which doesn't take much triggering) and exhausted m
  3. The Cranes made an awful lot of noise in the cow pasture yesterday so I went to the front of my cottage and could see that there were three Cranes there. I have no idea if this was an intruder or perhaps one of the chicks from last year paying a visit. No matter what it wasn't wan
  4. So I stopped by the lake again this morning and there were still plenty of Cranes there. Lots less when I passed after work and now they are so few that they won't count them again until Autumn arrives. As most we had 24600 here at the same time. I've read that most of the Cranes
  5. Nothing much to say today but I used my car camera on my way to work today and I took some photos in the garden when I came home. We didn't take any walk today even though the weather was quite nice. There's something in the forest that Alma doesn't like, don't think it's a wolf
  6. It fell down to -20C (-4F) last night but now they're saying it'll turn towards warmer again. Well the ones in tv said that but the weather sites doesn't show much of warmer weather. Then again how often are they right in their guessings 😄😄 No wind made the morning walk quite nic
  7. Fine feathered Friday friend

    Happy Fine #FeatheredFriday , friends! This anhinga, also known as snake bird, was drying its wings and posing near Tortuguero, #CostaRica . There are 2 shots; the first is just a close crop of the second to show off the eye. #PostPhotos #Photography #BirdPhotos #OriginalContent
  8. My 501st post

    Last Friday I revisited some of my favorite bird photos from the year's uploads. Since it's the last #FeatheredFriday of the year, I decided to make a Part Two - a baker's dozen bird shots. Have a great final weekend of 2023! Cedar waxwing argument: Painted bunting: Java sparrow: Com
  9. Most snow has now melted away (well there still is some in the forest) and most of the gravel roads look like this, very icy. This is on the north side of my cottage and my car is parked to the left of this photo. The ice melts slower on this part of the road because my cottage b
  10. Bluejay in a field of late season sunflowers....delicious seeds to fatten up on before old man winter sets in.... #birdphotos #bluejayphotos #Postimages #Postphotos #Natureimages #Sunflowerimages #photography #Originalcontent #Artofnature