1. Lovebirds hit jackpot after getting engaged while playing bingo - both aged 76

    By Douglas Whitbread & Rom Preston-Ellis A pair of lovebirds have hit the jackpot after getting engaged - while playing bingo . Dennis Buck said he popped the question to delighted Jenny Grimmer after they fell "madly in love" with each other in their later years. The pair, both 76,
  2. Woman shares how she is using 'BINGO' cards to have a positive start to New Year

    By Somdatta Maity Woman shares how she is using 'BINGO' cards to have a positive start to New Year New Year's resolutions are a tradition for many people. Usually, people are filled with hopes of a bright future at the beginning of a year. They are ready to take on everything and i
  3. Why a 9-Month-Long World Cruise Is TikTok's Latest Obsession

    By Moises Mendez II TikTok is the perfect place to develop niche obsessions and find communities of like-minded content creators and consumers. And sometimes, those obsessions find their way out of their niche online spaces when they get popular, get shared across other platforms,
  4. Mum struggling on benefits becomes a millionaire after two epic bingo wins

    By Gemma Strong A mum-of-four who was struggling on benefits became a millionaire after an extraordinary twist of fate that completely changed her life. Anita Campbell experienced an amazing double-win at online bingo , scooping more than £500,000 twice in a matter of days. She had
  5. How many children do DeLeesa and Trevor have? Pregnant 'sMothered' daughter 'disgusted' by mother's 'weirdly' close relationship with husband

    By Aritri Paul ATLANTA, GEORGIA: Pregnant ' sMothered ' star, DeLeesa St. Agathe has expressed her "disgust" at her husband, Trevor's "weirdly" tight connection with her mother, India in a new preview clip from TLC . She has seen the two become so close that they hold hands, spend on
  6. WHO’S NEXT For those playing 14/3 BINGO. I’ve got “Gym Shoes Jordan ” “Short Sale Lee” “Sporkfoot” and “Ted the Cruzer” on the four corners with the one and only “ BOBO” as free space. What’s on your cards?? #trump #cruz #colorado #Sporkfoot #Bingo
  7. If #Bingo pays me to play it I will refuse, this is how much I hate their stupid idiot fucking advertising.