1. Why do Republicans who commission studies feel it's OK to stiff researchers when their biases are not confirmed? Oh, Mr. GOP citizen, tried to physically assault the process server. #BillBachenberg #PA
  2. Sidney Powell tied to PA's fake elector Chair in new multi-state election intrusion scheme Operations to image voting equipment were also aimed at subverting 2024's elections.

    "Groups Bachenberg directed were hired and paid for by attorneys acting as his cutouts starting in early 2021 and operating in Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia through mid-2022." "The multi-state scheme involved Bill Bachenberg as a surreptitious paymaster and strategi
  3. CNN Exclusive: Special counsel election probe continues with focus on fundraising, voting equipment breaches

    By By Zachary Cohen and Paula Reid, CNN Special counsel Jack Smith is still pursuing his investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 election a month after indicting Donald Trump for orchestrating a broad conspiracy to remain in power, a widening of the probe that raises the p