1. Amazon adds AI expert Andrew Ng to board as GenAI race heats up

    (Reuters) -Amazon.com on Thursday added Andrew Ng, the computer scientist who led artificial intelligence projects at Alphabet's Google and China's Baidu, to its board amid rising competition among Big Techs to add users for their GenAI products. Amazon's cloud unit is facing pres
  2. Amazon squeezed sellers and jacked up prices. Google stamped out competitors in search. Facebook used buy-or-bury schemes to crush competition. Apple used its immense power to kill off challengers. All four face major antitrust cases from the US government. It's about time.
  3. The ‘Meta AI mafia’ brain drain continues with 3 more major departures

    By Sharon Goldman AI talent is in such high demand that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly taken to wooing top AI engineers and researchers with personal appeals. But Meta is also losing experienced AI talent who are jumping ship to work at AI startups. At least three high-lev
  4. Apple, Google, and Meta are being investigated by the EU under new Big Tech regulation

    The EU is wasting absolutely no time in making sure Big Tech companies are complying with its new Digital Markets Act (DMA) law. On Monday, the European Commission announced that it was opening non-compliance investigations into three companies defined as "gatekeepers" under the n
  5. Apple, Alphabet, and Meta just got hit with new antitrust probes

    By David Meyer Hooboy—the European Commission fired an antitrust broadside against some of the biggest tech firms today that could put a major crimp on their businesses. First, let’s quickly break down these three investigations under the new EU Digital Markets Act , then consider