1. Climate change and lack of data are hobbling India’s fight against elephantiasis

    By Chandrani Sinha - Dialogue Earth India aims to eliminate lymphatic filariasis – a painful, disfiguring disease commonly referred to as elephantiasis – by 2027 and join several other countries which successfully eradicated it as a public health issue . Complicating India’s plans,
  2. Has technology helped or hindered the global taxi industry?

    By Perry Richardson - TaxiPoint The global taxi industry, a critical component of urban mobility across all continents, stands at a significant crossroads today, largely due to the sweeping influences of modern technology. What we observe is a sector that has been both revitalised
  3. Data Science For Beginners: A Complete Guide

    Introduction: Data science is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing fields in technology today. It is used in healthcare, finance, marketing, and beyond, and understanding it can unlock opportunities. This guide provides beginners with a comprehensive overview of data scienc
  4. New Ventana Research Analyst Perspective: Dremio Enables Self-Service Analytics for the Data Lakehouse

    I previously wrote about the potential for rapid adoption of the data lakehouse concept as enterprises combined the benefits of data lakes based on low-cost cloud object storage with the structured data processing functionality normally associated with data warehousing. By layeri
  5. Why is there a demand for Data Science Course in Pune?

    Because of the enormous quantity of data and the daily exponential increase in volume! Data scientists were in high demand almost immediately when firms began to have access to vast volumes of data. Although it has always been a crucial component of operational strategy for succe
  6. Icelandic-Canadian biotech Prescriby raises €2M to develop addiction-management software

    By David Reevely Prescriby offers a tool for prescribing addictive medications—currently opioids and benzodiazepines—to minimize the risk of addiction and wean habitual users off drugs safely. The company’s platform promises to use big data to guide prescription decisions, to help
  7. The Evolution of Database Management Systems: Past, Present, and Future

    The Genesis of Database Management Systems The history of database management system (DBMS) traces back to the 1960s when businesses began recognizing the need to organize and manage their growing volumes of data efficiently. Initially, data was stored in hierarchical or network d
  8. Lonboard - Python Library For Fast, Interactive Geospatial Vector Data Visualization In Jupyter

    “Building on cutting-edge technologies like GeoArrow and GeoParquet in conjunction with GPU-based map rendering, Lonboard aims to enable visualizing large geospatial datasets interactively through a simple interface…” #GIS #spatial #mapping #python #gpu #code #opensource #lonboard
  9. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Rally Looks Tired, But These AI, Big Data Coins Are Heroes Of The Day Says Market Intelligence Platform

    As the cryptocurrency market rebounds, AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies are experiencing a notable surge, as reported by market intelligence platform, Santiment. What Happened : A post by Santiment on Thursday revealed that AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies are witnessing substantia
  10. 5 Ways to Accelerate Health Tech Product Development

    Accelerate your health tech product development with 5 game changing strategies! Learn how Agile methodology, big data leverage, user-centric design, strategic partnerships, and regulatory consulting can turbo charge your journey to success. 💡 💻 💪 Read Now: #HealthTech #ProductDevel