1. This is a #BFD ! #Jan6 Trump is not immune in 2020 election interference case, appeals court rules Trump is likely to ask the Supreme Court to intervene to try to prevent the trial from going ahead as scheduled in March in Washington, D.C. "A federal appeals court on Tuesday rejecte
  2. #Obamacare #Bidencare #Healthcare #BFD Bidencare Is a Really Big Deal "Biden has made health insurance coverage more accessible and more affordable for millions of Americans. If Trump wins, however, he will try again to do away with Obamacare; he has said as much, and this time he
  3. Larry’s right‼️ It’s a #BFD #BidenHarris2024
  4. #NYCRain

    A #BFD in New York, my husband's original home and home to some folks I consider friends. #Bushwick in #Brooklyn lost power because of the storm. I am not sure if it's been restored but the current ConEd map doesn't look like it.
  5. #BFD