1. Biden Vs Trump, Kim Jong Un Artillery Fire, Marjorie Taylor Greene Racts To Stock Trading Data And More: This Week In Politics

    By Benzinga Neuro This weekend brought a flurry of news, from political chess moves in the upcoming presidential race to unexpected military actions. In the domestic political arena, celebrities and former White House lawyers weighed in on the ongoing Biden-Trump saga. Meanwhile,
  2. JP Morgan's Kolanovic Prefers Cash Over Stocks In 2024, Cites Improbability Of Swift Rate Cuts By Federal Reserve

    In a recent reveal, JP Morgan’s Marko Kolanovic suggests a lean towards cash over stocks in 2024, attributing the shift to the improbability of swift interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve. What Happened : Kolanovic’s outlook is based on the over-optimism of investors in sideste
  3. Adobe's AI Images Of Israel-Hamas Tensions Raise Alarm Over Media Truth

    By Benzinga Neuro In a move that has stirred up a debate on authenticity and ethics in digital media, Adobe Inc.’s (NASDAQ: ADBE ) stock image service is now offering for sale artificially created images depicting scenes from the Israel-Hamas conflict. What Happened : Amidst growing c
  4. Ex-Meta Engineer Raises Alarm On Teen Safety, Sparks Legislative Attention

    Amidst rising concerns over the impact of social media on teen safety, a former Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META ) engineer’s testimony before a U.S. Senate subcommittee has put the spotlight back on the tech giant’s responsibilities, reported Reuters. What Happened: Arturo Bejar,
  5. New York Attorney General Calls For Fining Trump, Sons For 'Frivolous Conduct' Amid Ongoing Civil Fraud Lawsuit

    In the latest development in a civil fraud lawsuit, New York Attorney General Letitia James seeks a $20,000 sanction against former President Donald Trump , his sons, their legal team, and other co-defendants. The action comes as a response to their repeated use of legal arguments