1. Pennsylvania man accused of decapitating father and showing head on YouTube

    (Reuters) -A Pennsylvania man was ordered to be held without bail on Wednesday after being charged with killing his father and showing his decapitated head in a YouTube video, a local prosecutor said. Justin Mohn of Middletown Township was charged on Wednesday with first-degree mu
  2. Police: Pennsylvania man faces charges after decapitating father, posting video on YouTube

    A Pennsylvania man, Justin Mohn, was arrested hours after police say he allegedly decapitated his father and posted about it on YouTube. By Jo Ciavaglia, JD Mullane and Christopher Cann, USA TODAY NETWORK Note: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence that may be offens
  3. Six French teenagers convicted in connection with 2020 beheading of teacher Paty

    By: Juliette Jabkhiro and Clotaire Achi PARIS (Reuters) -A French court on Friday convicted six teenagers in connection with the 2020 beheading of history teacher Samuel Paty, whose murder shocked the country. The teacher had shown his pupils caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad in
  4. How Boko Haram insurgents attacked and beheaded 11 loggers in top northern state

    By Adekunle Dada Suspected Boko Haram insurgents group of loggers and killed eleven of them in Damboa Local Government Area of Borno state The terrorists attacked the loggers while working at their charcoal site on Monday, November 27 It was gathered that six loggers were killed ins
  5. Were Israel babies actually beheaded? What do you think?
  6. Plus Hamas holds 200+ Israeli hostages who they are threatening to behead (men, women, children & babies)
  7. Please replace "Like" button ...

    I viscerally cringe to "Like" a post about Hamas beheading children, amongst many other things I certainly don't "Like"!??? Can I just, once again, suggest replacing the thumb emoji here on Post.news or at least expanding the options? Personally don't want anything other than a b
  8. Family arrested in connection with beheading at Japan hotel earlier this month

    By Mari Yamaguchi Tokyo — Japanese police said they arrested a woman and her parents in a beheading case in a popular night entertainment district in Japan's northern city of Sapporo, where a headless man was found in a hotel room three weeks ago. Hokkaido police on Japan’s norther
  9. On the #Beheading of a #POW #UkraineWar
  10. Russian war crimes

    Ok folks. #Russians posted a video of the #beheading of a #Ukrainian #POW . This is what we are dealing with. Nope, will not post it…it’s on twitter, telegram and other places. It is a war crime, one of many. If you decide to watch it…do so knowing this is vicarious trauma.