1. Donald Trump hush money conviction could cost him liquor licenses at New Jersey golf courses

    By Associated Press & Fionnuala Boyle Donald Trump's hush money conviction could cost him his liquor license at three of his New Jersey golf courses. The former US president's recent felony convictions in New York might make him ineligible to sell alcohol at his resorts. New Jersey
  2. Trump could lose liquor licenses at New Jersey golf clubs after his felony conviction

    By Joe Sommerlad Donald Trump could stand to lose his licenses to sell alcohol at his three golf clubs in New Jersey after the Garden State’s attorney general’s office launched a review into his status in the wake of his guilty conviction at his New York hush money trial last mont
  3. Trump reveals personal toll of hush money trial on Melania and Barron in candid Dr Phil interview

    By Kyle Osullivan & John O'sullivan Donald Trump has opened up about the strain his hush money trial has put on his wife Melania and son Barron. Melania, the former President's wife, and their youngest son were not present in court when he was found guilty of 34 criminal counts la
  4. Melania and Barron Trump break cover for first time since Donald's guilty verdict

    By Kyle Osullivan & John O'sullivan Melania and Barron Trump were spotted together for the first time since Donald Trump' s guilty verdict in his hush money trial . The revelation comes as Trump's wife and young son, who weren't seen at court during the former President's trial, wer
  5. Barron Trump and Melania move cases of luggage out of Trump Tower in first sighting since bombshell conviction moving

    By Emily Hodgkin Barron Trump, the youngest son of convicted ex-president Donald Trump, has been spotted for the first time since his father was found guilty . The heir to the Trump fortune, who is currently looking for colleges, was with his mother Melania Trump as they left Trump
  6. Body language expert says Trump displayed anxiety and ‘lower confidence’ in interview after felony conviction

    By Graig Graziosi A body language expert says Donald Trump’s interview after being convicted of 34 felonies showed signs of anxiety and “lower confidence” in his non-verbal cues. Dr Jack Brown, an ophthalmologist and self-proclaimed body language expert said there were crucial nonv
  7. Donald Trump Golf Course Earthquake Sparks Avalanche of Jokes, Memes

    By James Bickerton Donald Trump has been targeted with a wave of jokes and memes on social media after it emerged the epicenter of Friday's 4.8 magnitude earthquake , which hit the New York City tri-state area, was right next to his National Golf Club in Bedminster , New Jersey. Acco
  8. Donald Trump's Golf Club Hit by Earthquake

    By Katherine Fung Former President Donald Trump 's golf club in New Jersey was hit by the 4.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled the tristate area on Friday. A map of the impact puts the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster at the epicenter of the quake. It is unclear if the club sust
  9. Donald Trump Kept Classified Documents in Trump Tower, Lawyers Reveal

    By Sean O'Driscoll Donald Trump held classified documents at both Trump Tower and his New Jersey estate, his lawyers have revealed in court documents. Trump held the documents there, as well as in his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, even before his inauguration in 2017, according to