1. Greet the Summers with the Following Budgetary Pool Towels

    The month of March is about to end, and the summer season is just around the corner. The season of summer is associated with pools and beaches. Many hotels and resorts host pool parties, inviting customers to become a part of the fun, but not without a lookout on the towels. A sm
  2. Cabana and Pergola Differences: Elevating Your Outdoor Space

    What is a Cabana? Design and Purpose: Cabanas are versatile outdoor structures designed to provide shelter, relaxation, and a touch of luxury. They often feature closed sides, a roof, and open frontage to create a semi-enclosed space. Materials and Construction: Cabanas are typical
  3. LiDAR Making Waves In Florida Beach Resilience

    “LiDAR helps coastal communities respond to and prepare for extreme hurricane seasons.. … Hurricanes have increased in intensity over the past four decades, leading to more destruction. With seas becoming warmer, the likelihood of a hurricane turning into a category three or highe
  4. Akothee’s Rongo farm and mansion are a sight to behold, see what she advised single moms

    By Brandy Kemunto Singer Akothee is at her huge Rongo property, and as usual, she did not shy away from showing off her vast farm and palatial home She surveyed the grounds, making observations and giving instructions to the property's managers on the changes she would like made Ako