1. Shockbuster Season: Why the Death of the Summer Movie Is a Good Thing

    It’s been nearly 50 years since Jaws and Star Wars turned summer moviegoing into an endless parade of family-friendly fandom flicks. This year promises something blessedly more bleak. By Angela Watercutter Forty-seven years ago today, everything changed. True believers might alread
  2. Zaz-Adjusted Box Office Mojo

    Only nine Hollywood films have passed the $300 million threshold worldwide since #Barbenheimer in mid-July. Of those films—including Godzilla x Kong—six were Warners releases. Puck's Scott Mendelson on Warner Bros.’s early box office success in ’24.
  3. Saint Omer vs. May December

    The Oscar Battle of #Barbenheimer may be over, but the real competition was in the race for Most Disturbing Exploration of a Female Criminal Who Thinks She May Be Innocent at this year's Dionysus Awards. Check out Josh and Jeremey's extended conversation with Francey Russell from
  4. The Oscars Were Glorious. But There's a Storm Brewing in Hollywood

    By Stephanie Zacharek The weeks and months leading up to the Oscars—including the campaigning, the chatter of prognosticators, the rushing to catch up with every nominated picture—are usually a jubilant time. But the storm clouds hovering over this most recent season, which culmin
  5. Oscars 2024 Highlights: Photos of the Night’s Biggest Moments

    By Elisabeth McGowan From John Cena’s nude moment to Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt’s ‘fight’ over ‘Barbenheimer,’ see the highlights from this year’s Oscars. Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to bring as much comedy as he can to the Oscars ! Thanks to the host — and the presenters —
  6. Free download to start 2024 right Had to make this #barbenheimer art available to all for free because it was just too fun making not to share it with everyone who may want it You can download it in my kofi_button shop #fanart #artshare #illustration
  7. Barbenheimer ✅

    🎉 I have finally completed Barbenheimer! I know I know, this is late. It is incredibly hard to book Oppenheimer in New York City. I cannot compete with 8 million people. Give me a break! Did I watch both on the same day? Well, no. 😅 Checked off the pink craze about a week after it