1. b52coach

    B52 cổng game đã quá nổi tiếng trong cộng đồng chơi game bài đổi thưởng. Nền tảng trò chơi đa dạng thể loại, cách chơi mới lạ mang đến cảm giác giải trí đỉnh cao. Bên cạnh đó là hàng loạt ưu điểm như bảo mật cao, nạp rút tiền nhanh, tỷ lệ thưởng khủng…. Tất cả mang đến cho anh em
  2. Photo of the Day

    By Brenda Elthon …the dance of fear and ignorance The US Air Force Strategic Air Command’s B-52s, laden with nuclear weapons, were constantly in the air during much of the Cold War. Fear of a Soviet ICBM first strike, which might annihilate America’s ground-based nuclear strike forc
  3. US, South Korea revise deterrence strategy, boost drills over North Korea threat

    By: Phil Stewart and Hyonhee Shin SEOUL (Reuters) -South Korea and the United States on Monday revised a bilateral security agreement aimed at deterring North Korea's advancing nuclear and missile threats, and vowed to maintain pressure on Pyongyang despite global distractions. Sou
  4. US military says Chinese jet flew within 10 feet of B-52 bomber

    By David Rising, The Associated Press A Chinese fighter jet came within 10 feet of an American B-52 bomber flying over the South China Sea on Oct. 24, nearly causing an accident and underscoring the potential for a mishap as both countries vie for influence in the region, the U.S.
  5. Militaries of S.Korea, Japan and US to hold first joint aerial drill

    SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea, the United States and Japan will hold a joint aerial exercise near the Korean peninsula, which would be the first time the three countries are conducting such a drill, media reports said on Wednesday. The three countries are likely to conduct the exe
  6. Jumping Jehoshaphat - the Mailman delivered!! Gotta get reading right away!! #WhatAreYouReading #BookReviews #20thCenturyHistory #MilitaryHistory #VietnamWar #AvGeek #AviationHistory #VietnameseHistory #AmericanHistory #ColdWarHistory #WargameResearch #AirWarVietnam #MartinWBowma