1. Putin's hackers attack thousands of British holiday flights in 'extremely dangerous Russian jamming'

    By Georgina Cutler British holiday flights have been hit by suspected Russian jamming as experts brand the tactic "extremely dangerous". Vladimir Putin's hackers are believed to be affecting British aircrafts by attacking satnavs so that flights are unsure of routes and struggle to
  2. Cirrus Flight Training Help in Improving Pilot Skills and Safety

    The following blog briefly discusses the Cirrus flight training that will help professionals become professional and skilled pilots. Cirrus Aircraft has revolutionized general aviation by unveiling its ultra-modern range of aircraft with very high performance, which not only exce
  3. Attention Jet Set: STOP Flying. Too Damn Dangerous! Also... Flying Causes Air Pollution & Climate Change... NO LONGER Groovy... REFUSE TO FLY! Stay Home and Visit using the Internet... Zoom, Zoom, Zoom...
  4. Passengers in horse racing millionaire's helicopter crash were not wearing seatbelts

    By Jon Lees At least four of five passengers in a helicopter in which a top jumps owner suffered serious injuries were not wearing seatbelts, an investigation has found. Dai Walters, who also built Ffos Las racecourse, was unconscious and given CPR when he was rescued from the wrec
  5. New Tech Spending to Fortify Aircraft Safety Discover how aerospace manufacturers are boosting aircraft safety through technology investments. They're improving safety measures with advancements in AI, IoT, and data analytics. #AviationSafety #Investment