1. Toto 4D

    In the realm of lottery and betting, Toto and Togel stand out as popular games of chance, offering excitement, anticipation, and the potential for substantial winnings. With variants such as 30 Dentoto, 100 Toto 4D, and numerous platforms providing access to Toto Togel games, ent
  2. Han Kwang Song: North Korean striker scores in World Cup qualifier after vanishing from world soccer for over three years

    By Gawon Bae and Andrew McNicol, CNN After more than three years of going missing from world soccer, North Korean striker Han Kwang Song has reappeared, playing for his country in two recent World Cup qualifiers and scoring in the 6-1 win over Myanmar on Tuesday. Han first featured
  3. #esports : The debut of esports at Asian Games has given India a great impetus
  4. American soldiers brought breakdancing to South Korea. Now it’s writing its own history

    By Andrew McNicol, CNN When hip-hop-obsessed American soldiers showed their Korean counterparts how to land headspins and windmills at US military bases in the 1980s, they probably didn’t anticipate breakdancing’s eventual explosion in the country. Upon reaching Korea’s shores, it
  5. Skateboarder, 13, becomes China’s youngest Asian Games gold medalist

    By Andrew McNicol, CNN Thirteen-year-old Cui Chenxi of China clinched gold in women’s skateboarding at the Asian Games on Wednesday, becoming the country’s youngest gold medalist as teenage girls continue to dominate the sport. According to interviews with multiple Chinese state me
  6. Bully for China

    China protects its Wushu credentials by denying visas to some of India's Wushu athletes. The excuse is that China claims to own all the land and sea that its early explorers ever saw. China continues to show doubters that it's the regional bully. The Asian Games Federation should
  7. 12,000 athletes and a lotus-shaped mega stadium. The Asian Games comes to China

    By By Jake Kwon, CNN China’s leader Xi Jinping is to declare the Asian Games open at a lotus-shaped mega stadium in Hangzhou on Saturday. The stadium, dubbed “the Big Lotus” for the shape of its roof, consists of 28 large and 27 smaller petal-shaped structures. The stadium can hold