1. Jan 6. Memorial Stone Spells Capitol Rioter's Name Wrong

    By Matthew Impelli A memorial stone to honor some of those who died during the January 6 riots appeared to spell one name wrong. On Monday, PatriotTakes (@patriottakes) shared a thread of posts on X , formerly Twitter , showing an individual who tried to drive an "Ashli Babbitt Memor
  2. #Jan6 #AshliBabbitt got exactly what she deserved. As a former USAF security policewoman she was trained NOT to cross red lines … Because everything beyond it she was authorized to stop intruders with lethal force. Show was on the other foot here. Ashli fucked around trying to ov
  3. #comics #j6 #AshliBabbitt This is some dark, accurate humor. #Snarchery !
  4. New Jan 6 footage shows dramatic moment security point guns at Capitol rioters

    By Oliver O'Connell Dramatic new cellphone video from the Capitol riot introduced as evidence ahead of the sentencing of rioter Damon Beckley, shows the tense standoff at the entrance to the chamber of the House of Representatives on 6 January 2021. As rioters hurled insults and an
  5. #NeverForget if not for the actions of #DFG the family and loved ones of #AshliBabbitt would still have her in their lives.
  6. Ashli Babbitt is the poster child for fu¢k around and find out.
  7. Ashli Babbitt was a MAGA cultist who was radicalized into a domestic terrorist by the lies of her cult leader, Donald Trump. He alone is responsible for her death.