1. General Election 2024 seats: Jeremy Hunt fighting to cling on in Godalming and Ash

    By Jitendra Joshi Millions of voters will go to the polls on July 4 to elect the new Government. The Standard is looking at key battlegrounds in London and beyond, and has published an interactive map for races in the capital. Here we turn the spotlight further afield in Surrey on
  2. Lib Dem manifesto: Right to see GP within a week at heart of Ed Davey’s plan to transform Britain

    By Nicholas Cecil Patients, tenants, carers and young people were put at the heart of the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto which was unveiled on Monday. Sir Ed Davey proposed a £9 billion “rescue package” for the NHS and other public services. The Lib Dem manifesto includes: * A right t
  3. General Election London: Lib Dems in fierce battles against Tories for three marginal seats

    By Nicholas Cecil Sir Ed Davey’s Liberal Democrats are targeting three marginal seats to rebuild their south west London stronghold. The Liberal Democrat leader, who was launching his manifesto on Monday with a “fair deal for renters” pledge , has already visited Wimbledon which if
  4. London housing crisis: Renters to get three-year tenancies under plans in Lib Dem manifesto

    By Nicholas Cecil Renters would by default get three-year tenancies in new agreements under plans in the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto which could ease London’s housing crisis. Party leader Sir Ed Davey, MP for Kingston and Surbiton, pledged a “fair deal for renters” as he outlined
  5. Watch as cold lava flows through a Philippines town

    By Sian Baldwin This is the moment a Filipino town was left flooded after a volcano erupted this week. Rivers of cold lava, which has a similar consistency to wet concrete, flowed through the streets of a local town following the “explosive eruption” taking place at Mount Kanlaon i
  6. Freeze rail fares, say the Lib Dems as they go on Home Counties offensive against Tories

    By Jitendra Joshi The Liberal Democrats have vowed to save some London commuters nearly £200 by freezing rail fares as they pressed a Home Counties offensive against the Tories. Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said: “Across the Blue Wall, commuters have borne the brunt of Conservative
  7. Zero Tory MPs will be left in Inner London, predicts shock poll showing Labour storming to landslide victory

    By Nicholas Cecil The Tories face being left with zero MPs in Inner London, according to a shock poll which showed a landslide Labour victory. The YouGov survey predicted that the Conservatives would see their number of seats in the capital plummeting from 21 to just four. Rishi Sun
  8. ZMF Headphones Caldera Closed Review

    May 10th marks the launch of the stunning new flagship planar magnetic Caldera Closed headphones from ZMF. Find out how it performs and compares with our full review now on Headfonics! #review #audiophile #headphones #planar #wood #ash #totl #highend #zmf #munich #usa
  9. Decoding 4 Analyst Evaluations For Ashland

    By Benzinga Insights In the last three months, 4 analysts have published ratings on Ashland (NYSE: ASH ), offering a diverse range of perspectives from bullish to bearish. The following table summarizes their recent ratings, shedding light on the changing sentiments within the past 3
  10. Tesla To $165? Here Are 10 Top Analyst Forecasts For Thursday

    By Avi Kapoor Top Wall Street analysts changed their outlook on these top names. For a complete view of all analyst rating changes, including upgrades and downgrades, please see our analyst ratings page . B of A Securities raised the price target for UiPath Inc. (NYSE: PATH ) from $2