1. Mini Ocean Series 🌊

    The ocean is vital for human life and likewise nurtures billions of marine creatures. It is an ecosystem that is home to so many wonderful creatures, both big and small. Without it, life on this planet is not possible. 💙 So, what can we do as individuals to protect our waters and
  2. Mini Ocean Series: Deep sea – mysterious depths

    This week’s prompt for the creative art challenge is ‘Deep Sea: Mysterious Depths’, organised by forplanetocean . Initially, it was quite challenging to picture what to illustrate for this one. After all, the depths of the deep sea is a place where there is no sunlight, a pitch bla
  3. Our ocean 🌊

    The ocean plays a significant role within the earth's ecosystem. Here are 3 important roles the ocean plays on this planet to illustrate why we should protect it. ‘Mini Ocean Series’ 3 vital roles of the ocean: 🔵 70% of the earth is covered by oceans. The ocean plays a significant
  4. Blue Mind 🔵

    Today is World Oceans Day. 🌊 The prompt from the creative art challenge organised by some talented artists is ‘Blue Mind’. For this piece, I interpreted the prompt as someone who’s thinking about the ocean, having a ‘blue mind’ experience. They are visualising the flow of the wate
  5. Rainforests of the Sea 🪸🌊

    It's time for another creative art challenge, one that helps raise awareness of our incredible ocean. The prompt for this week is, coral reef ‘rainforests of the sea’. 🪸 This challenge is in relation to World Ocean Month and it spotlights the amazing work Project Seagrass does. T