1. Peppermint Kitties!

    Some festive cats to bring weekend cheer your way on this cat Saturday! Plus another round of combining prompts for art challenges. This time it's: 1. Presents & Peppermint for #FrostyAndFestive2023 2-3. Merry Mugs + Peppermint Paradise for #12DaysOfCreativeCheer 4. Cats for #Caturda
  2. Ho Ho Ho from Santa!

    HO HO HO from Santa and me to brighten your day! And gingerbread cookies (Santa, bear, man, bells, and stars) to sweeten your night (and to leave out for Santa). More combo prompts for these two illustrations: Gingerbread Jubilee for #JingleMingleBash Bake and Be Merry for #12DaysOfC
  3. Happy Caturday from Vlad and Petal

    Happy #Caturday from Vlad A. Cat, resident vampire, and Petal, a flower ghost witch! Petal likes to say, "Aboo-Cat-Daboo" instead of abracadabra. Vlad thinks she's putting a spell on him every time (and she is - it's a spell so Vlad can see her). This is for two #ScaryAndSweet202
  4. Caturday Cats and Oranges

    Happy #Caturday + Oranges for #freshfruitfun23 ! Still learning Procreate. With this image, I loved the sketch (scroll to see). Adding color & taking away outlines was more complicated than it needed to be. Would have been easier in Photoshop (bc I know how to use it, LOL). Image D
  5. A Banana and Flowers Bouquet!

    Why did I draw a bouquet of flowers in between two bananas? Because it's art challenge* combo time! I smashed three prompts together from #freshfruitfun23 (bananas), #juneinbloom2023 (bright bouquet), and #sunnyandsummerychallenge (fresh fruit and flowers)! I'm also still learnin