1. Gavin Newsom Is 'Pro-Choice' on Abortion and Nothing Else

    By Christian Britschgi California has some of the nation's toughest restrictions on the interstate practice of medicine. With very limited exceptions, the state requires that doctors offering any sort of treatment, care, or consultation to California patients be licensed in Califo
  2. Arizona Can Repeal Abortion Ban After Shocking Defection

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling The Arizona legislature secured just enough votes on Wednesday to repeal a 160-year-old abortion ban that was revived by the state’s Supreme Court in April. The decision to nix the archaic law appears on track to pass thanks to the votes of every Democr
  3. Did Kari Lake Remove 'Pro-Life' From Her Website? What We Know

    By Gabe Whisnant Kari Lake's evolving opinion on abortion rights is highlighted by changes on her campaign website, according to archived versions of Lake's web page independently reviewed by Newsweek. Lake's campaign site has revised her abortion position twice in the last two yea
  4. This is gonna backfire… big time!

    While the one #Arizona Republican who managed to block a repeal of an absurd Arizona Supreme Court decision made excuses… "Abortion is a complicated topic -- it is ethically, morally complex," said Toma. "I understand that we have deeply held beliefs." Arizona Democrats are probabl
  5. CNN Host Says Kamala Harris “Spanked” Trump, “Made Him Look Horrible”

    By Lucy Strathmore After the Arizona Supreme Court upheld an 1864 near-total abortion ban this week, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Tucson. She said the women of Arizona “now live under one of the most extreme abortion bans in our nation,” and blamed former President Don
  6. Kari Lake Is Trying to Make People Forget Her Real Abortion Stance

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake is claiming she has switched sides on the abortion debate. After galvanizing her budding, far-right political career by fearmongering about the medical procedure, Lake suddenly changed her tone following the Arizona Su
  7. #Arizona1864 #ArizonaAbortionBan #ArizonaSupremeCourt … Watch #ArizonaVoteBlue this November 2024!
  8. "After reading the decision, however, I realized that I had been unconsciously clutching my stomach — a sign that my objections went beyond legal analysis. I understood then that I was not just analyzing the court’s words as an academic. I was feeling them as a pregnant person in
  9. We Should All Be Outraged By How Arizona GOP Blocked Abortion Bill

    By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling The Arizona legislature devolved into a state of chaos after Republicans abruptly shut down a discussion to repeal the state’s recently reinstituted draconian abortion ban, with Democrats chanting “Shame” at their colleagues across the aisle. On Wednesd
  10. Trump GOP Reaps The Whirlwind On Its Anti-Abortion Absolutism

    When Us v. Them Collapses On Itself : Republicans spent the day tying themselves in knots over the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that reinstated a Civil War-era territorial law banning nearly all abortions. More in today's Morning Memo...