1. Our grief group is always a wonderful source of information...they share ideas about what helps on tough days and what doesn’t, good movies to watch, how to say "thanks but no thanks" to well-intentioned and pushy friends, and much more. Today the expertise they shared was all ab
  2. Researchers Create Global Maps To Show Changes In Irrigation Across The Planet

    “Of all the ways that humans consume water, there is no practice that uses more water than irrigation, which accounts for more than 90% of humanity's water consumption. While irrigation is necessary to help increase global crop production, it can simultaneously lead to stress on
  3. Morning Light: Swept

    (This is a mirror installment of my email mini-newsletter Morning Lights. You can subscribe for free or read more casually here for a nominal cost. Cheers!) Good morning! Some storms moved through the area last night, more dramatic than destructive, with the result that all the elm
  4. See what celebrities wore to New York Fashion Week, including Beyoncé’s surprise appearance in Brooklyn

    By Jacqui Palumbo, CNN New York Fashion Week is back, with celebrities seen sitting front row at shows across Manhattan and Brooklyn and arriving at private parties for luxury houses including Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Uma Thurman popped up at Tory Burch, Matt Damon at Naeem K
  5. Global Maps Of Cropland Extent And Change Show Accelerated Cropland Expansion In The Twenty-First Century

    “Spatiotemporally consistent data on global cropland extent is essential for tracking progress towards sustainable food production. In the present study, we present an analysis of global cropland area change for the first two decades of the twenty-first century derived from satel
  6. Nostalgia – Cartography & Projections On Network TV’s ‘West Wing'

    Cool to see map geekiness pop up on network TV drama a few years back. -- • That said, I am NOT a fan of the the Galls Peters - thinking that the Equal Earth Projection is vastly superior technically and ‘aesthetically pleasing’ – with Mark Monmonier when he writes of Arno Peters