1. Pregnant Stingray With No Male Companion Has a 'Disease'

    By Associated Press Hendersonville, N.C. — A North Carolina aquarium that said it had a pregnant stingray with no male companion now says the fish has a rare reproductive disease. Thursday's statement from the Aquarium and Shark Lab in Hendersonville did not say what disease the st
  2. The tragic reason why there are no great white sharks in captivity

    By Harriet Brewis Sea life centres are home to all manner of rare and dangerous beasts, from jellyfish to orcas and yet, there are some animals you’ll never see in an aquarium. The great white shark may be one of the most obsessed over predators in the world, but very few of us wil
  3. It's Endangered Species Day | May 17th, 2024

    The United States Congress created Endangered Species Day in 2006 with the adoption of Senate Resolution 431 . The resolution encouraged "the people of the United States to become educated about, and aware of, threats to species, success stories in species recovery, and the opport
  4. Thanks for this info, @CritterRescuer - great detective work! The New England Aquarium in Boston does have a collection of penguins, so it’s not altogether beyond the realm of imagination for someone - like the person whose comment you posted - to think that
  5. Fisherman catches rare 'one in two million' blue lobster and refuses to let it be eaten

    By Lauren Beavis & Rom Preston-Ellis A fisherman caught a rare 'one in two million' blue lobster - and rehomed it in a local aquarium. Blue lobsters are believed to be so rare that marine biologists estimate the chance of catching one is one in two million. Chris Puckey caught the
  6. I’ve been a football fan most of my life. But I can’t watch anymore

    By Essay by Thomas Lake, CNN Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published in November 2022. Thomas Lake’s views on football have not changed. On Saturday afternoon, as third-ranked Georgia played top-ranked Tennessee in the game of the year so far in college football, I was n
  7. Suspect in theft of Dallas Zoo tamarin monkeys is indicted on felony burglary charges

    By Andy Rose, CNN Editor’s Note: (February 9, 2024): Since this story was published, prosecutors have asked for the dismissal of six misdemeanor animal cruelty charges against Davion Irvin, saying he has been in custody longer than any possible sentence for those charges. Two felo
  8. New year, new fish tank setup.

    New in the aquarium this winter was this fancy little bristle nose pleco. In just a couple of weeks, this fish went from a light orange to a darker orange with black spots. I’m always amazed by how much fish can change color when they finally get to their home tank. More pictures