1. Rwanda: HIV/Aids - RBC Calls for Testing, Safety Practices in Nationwide Prevention Campaign

    By Emmanuel Nkangura / New Times [New Times] The Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) has issued a call to action for all Rwandans, urging them to prioritise HIV/AIDS prevention through testing and safety measures. The appeal was made at the start of a 10-day nationwide campaign, mostly
  2. South Africa: One in Four People With HIV Not On Treatment, According to New Estimates

    By Marcus Low / spotlight [spotlight] Despite South Africa's impressive HIV testing figures, a subset of people start taking antiretroviral therapy far later than is ideal for their health, shows new data from the leading mathematical model of HIV in the country. These new estimat
  3. Study affirms benefit of very early antiretroviral therapy within hours of birth for newborns with HIV

    By Science X staff A study of more than 50 babies in Africa, Asia, North America and South America has added substantially to evidence that giving antiretroviral therapy (ART) to newborns with HIV within the first days—rather than within weeks or months—of life can safely suppress
  4. HIV: Thwarting a protein in the hope of a better quality of life

    By Bruno Geoffroy To mark the occasion of World AIDS Day, Dr. Madeleine Durand and Andrés Finzi are working to reduce chronic inflammation and the risk of comorbidities in people living with HIV. In Canada, more than 43,000 people are living with a virus well controlled by antiretr
  5. In Kenya, emotional violence, mental health found as key obstacles to lifesaving HIV treatments for young females

    By Jamie Hansen In sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of death for adolescent girls and young women, antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatments are critical to saving lives and preventing the disease from spreading. Yet many HIV-positive teenage girls and young wom