1. Groundbreaking Integrated Anti-Drone System from NovoQuad Group

    Did you know drones are used for malicious intents today more than they were ever used for recreational purposes? The threat to sensitive establishments is growing stronger day by day, and this calls for the need for integrated anti-drone systems that can safeguard critical space
  2. Get Reliable and Versatile Drone Jammers from NovoQuad Group

    The sightings of illegal drones in restricted airspace have become a serious matter of concern in recent times. Government agencies and authorized organizations leverage appropriate defense against drones and enhance privacy and security. Drone detectors and jammers are the main
  3. Protecting Stadiums with Anti-Drone Solutions from NovoQuad Group

    In this modern era, the world is witnessing rapid proliferation of drones owing to their advanced functionalities and easy access. Illegal UAVs continue to hover over the stadiums and create chaos among the spectators and participants. That is why authorities are leveraging the C
  4. State-of-the-art C-UAS Solutions from NovoQuad Group

    When we are talking about public safety, or safeguarding the lives of people and critical infrastructure, drone defense plays a vital part in it. NovoQuad Group understands that security threats don’t just come from the four conventional sides of an establishment, they can hover
  5. Revolutionary Defense Against UAV Intrusions with NovoQuad Group

    With the skyrocketing incidences of unauthorized drone activity in different critical establishments ranging from airports to venues of national and international significance, the need for drone defense systems has also become prominent. The professionals at NovoQuad Group under