1. Top 7 youngest African leaders below 50, full list with details emerge

    By Esther Odili The youths are taking over the helms of affairs in some African countries and they are commanding respect in the continent Burkina Faso's 36-year-old President Ibrahim Traore and the new Senegal president Bassirou Diomaye Faye, make the list of Africa's youngest pre
  2. Madagascar: Madagascar Asks for Restitution of Sakalava King's Skull From France

    By Rfi / RFI [RFI] Madagascar - Two of the great granddaughters of a Sakalava king in Madagascar, who was beheaded in 1897 by colonial troops, publicly addressed the French ambassador, asking him to speed up the restitution of their ancestor's skull. In all, they are claiming three
  3. Travelling advice as some of the 'most travelled' people in the world reveal secrets

    By Sarah Lumley A panel of five of the world’s ‘most travelled’ people have revealed their hidden holiday gems – with Egypt, Tunisia, Colombia and Cambodia at the top of the list. The group includes Gunnar Garfors, the first person to visit every country in the world twice, and 25-
  4. Madagascar: Rajoelina Inaugurated As President of the Republic of Madagascar

    By SADC [SADC] His Excellency Andry Nirina Rajoelina, President of the Republic of Madagascar was inaugurated on 16thDecember 2023 following his re-election in the First Round of the Presidential Election which were held on 16thNovember 2023 in Madagascar. The inauguration ceremony