1. Laughter as Great Dane Who 'Thinks He's Human' Loves to Pet Other Dogs

    By Alice Gibbs The heartwarming moment a Great Dane sat alongside his owner to pet other dogs has gained viral attention online. In a video on TikTok with more than 852,000 views, the footage from @anio_mochi shows the 1-year-old Great Dane Mochi sitting alongside his owner, pettin
  2. Dog Who Loves To Snuggle With Owner's Grandbaby Wins Pet of the Week

    By Alice Gibbs From a squirrel that turned into a "porch pirate" to the betrayal one cat felt when he saw his owner petting an outdoor cat, we've seen plenty of funny and adorable pets online this week. We've also been receiving adorable and funny videos and pictures from readers f
  3. Just for Xeets and Giggles (04.27.24)

    By Jay Kuo The week began with the passage of the supplemental budget bill, which contains among other things long-delayed aid to Ukraine. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Moscow) was one of the biggest and most vocal opponents of the bill, and she made her displeasure known, filmin
  4. South African boerboel wins hearts in viral TikTok video, leaving social media users in awe

    By Johana Mukandila A South African boerboel in the US is going viral on social media, impressing many with how gentle and big he is The video captured the attention of many people online, generating over 1.3 million views along with thousands of likes and comments Netizens reacted
  5. Mama raccoon and two juveniles explored our garden last night. This isn't the first time raccoons have knocked over one of the planters on the wall, but it is the first time they made it a family affair..😅 #raccoon #raccoons #wildlife #animals #citylife #nocturnalanimals #animalvi