1. 20 Tigers Die in East China Zoo, Investigation Finds

    By Micah McCartney A large number of animals, including 20 tigers, have died at a zoo in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui after being kept under inhumane conditions, an investigation revealed. The news sparked widespread concern and outrage on Chinese social media and prompted
  2. 10 Worst Zoos in the U.S. for Wild Animals #Zoos #Sad #AnimalAbuse
  3. Evil dog owner repeatedly punched terrified cockapoo in head and placed her in strangle-hold

    By Zahra Khaliq An evil dog owner was captured on CCTV repeatedly punching his terrified cockapoo in the head before swinging her around by the neck. The distressing footage captured vile abuser Thomas Hardy throwing a dog with force into a lift, before kicking her and proceeding t
  4. Cruelty for Clicks: Cambodia Investigates YouTubers’ Abuse of Monkeys at UNESCO Site

    By David Rising / AP SIEM REAP, Cambodia — A baby monkey struggles and squirms as it tries to escape the man holding it by the neck over a concrete cistern, repeatedly dousing it with water. In another video clip, a person plays with the genitals of a juvenile male macaque sitting
  5. Elderly couple found with stash of dead guinea pigs and dogs in car and hotel room

    By Dan Gooding Ten dead dogs and eleven dead guinea pigs were among the nearly 100 animals discovered in a couple’s car, hotel room and home in Nevada . The grim discovery by the Boulder City Police Department came after a tip-off about animal abuse or hoarding spotted inside a car
  6. Joy As 29 Dogs Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring Get Second Chance at Life

    By Jack Beresford A group of 29 dogs rescued from a South Carolina dog fighting ring are getting a second chance at a life far removed from the suffering they once knew. Though it might seem hard to believe, dog fighting still exists in the U.S. today, with one study published in t
  7. XL Bully dog left to die in 'filthy' flat covered in rubbish

    By Georgina Cutler An XL Bully was left to suffer "for a period of weeks" in a flat covered in "urine, faeces and decomposition" as its owner avoids jail. Police found Cali, a female XL bully, lying dead on the floor of a "filthy" home in St Helens, Merseyside, in June last year. Ph