1. #uspolitics #QOTD "It is truly a disgrace [ #aileencannon ] is not doing her job." - #AndrewWeissmann 11 months to figure that out... but okay: I'll take it.
  2. more from Andrew Weissmann, because he's succinct! #HopeHicks #AndrewWeissmann #MichaelCohen
  3. One vote away. One. @macfarlanenews @cbs2chicago @jenpsaki #MSNBC @neal_katyal #DemocracyIsOnTheLine #TrumpTrials #SCOTUS #SCOTUSReform #AndrewWeissmann #LisaRubin @lawofruby
  4. Bias is Different than Explicit Agreement

    "Bias is far different than having an explicit agreement..." @tribelegal posted video of @aweissmann_ weighing in on this case. Very important perspective. @rexhuppke #DavidPecker #AndrewWeissmann #MSNB
  5. 4/23. So much purposefully manufactured FAKE NEWS FOR TRUMP. Pay and kill the true ones that Trump thought would hurt him especially after the Access Hollywood recording of Trump came out. Story told by David Pecker under oath. Nicolle Wallace is joined by Andrew Weissmann, Susann
  6. @aweissmann_ Prosecuting Donald Trump podcast. #AndrewWeissmann #WebbyAwards #Podcasts #ProsecutingDonaldTrump
  7. 'Dead loser': Weissmann on Trump immunity claim "MSNBC legal analyst and former FBI general counsel Andrew Weissmann joins Jen Psaki to discuss the upcoming hearing on Trump presidential immunity claims."
  8. Giuliani's race to rock bottom sets stage for pending Trump trials

    As a jury deliberates about how much Rudy Giuliani should have to pay Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss for lying about their role in the 2020 election in Georgia and turning their lives upside down with conspiracy theories that made them the subject of terror at the hands of the MAGA
  9. Judge In Trump's Classified Documents Case Has 'Certainly Taken Her Time To Litigate Things,' Says Former CIA Lawyer

    By Bibhu Pattnaik In the case against former President Donald Trump related to the retention of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate, Judge Aileen Cannon appears to have adopted a slow approach in the pretrial process. What Happened: This methodical pacing raises questions
  10. "Alicia Menendez – in for Nicolle Wallace – discusses Israel’s government meeting on a potential hostage release deal, an update in the Fulton County election case, House Speaker Mike Johnson’s trip to meet with the ex-president as he faces backlash from the right, the ex-preside