1. Texas Supreme Court hears oral arguments in challenge to ban on gender affirming care for youth

    By Nicole Chavez, CNN The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday on the challenge to the state’s near-total ban on gender-affirming care for minors. Senate Bill 14, which went into effect last September, bars Texas health care providers from giving gender-transition surge
  2. Liz Mulligan: Part of the problem is the American Psychiatric Association. My sister is one of 27 mental health professionals who authored the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump. The APA strongly discouraged all of them from discussing Trump’s personality disorders because o
  3. Emergency medical association rejects ‘excited delirium,’ used to describe some deaths in police custody

    By Jen Christensen, CNN An emergency physicians group is disavowing “ excited delirium ,” a controversial term that some police officers, clinicians, medical examiners and court experts have used to explain how an agitated person could die in custody through no fault of any force us
  4. Climate change can have ‘lifelong impacts’ on young people’s mental health, report says

    By Giri Viswanathan, CNN Climate change can play a major role in affecting young people’s mental health, according to a new report from the American Psychological Association. Written in collaboration with the climate advocacy organization ecoAmerica, the report documents how envir