1. Amaryllis "Apple Blossom" in bloom, 20 March 2024

    "Apple Blossom" is an old-fashioned variety, with large, funnel-shaped flowers, up to 7 in. across; white, brushed with pink; and with a bright lime-green throat. This particular bulb has continued blooming each year, for five years now, following the excellent horticultural tip
  2. I kept intending and promptly forgetting to take a photo of the amaryllis in full bloom. Finally took one today. The first bloom is darkening and not long for this world, but all three are fully opened. I live in a zone where I should be able to plant this outside and it will ret
  3. I’m calling this amaryllis a “rescue” as I found the bulb in a corner of the yard where the soil is literally a fine powder. Replanted in a huge pot and placed under the banana trees. #Flowers #GardensOfPost #Gardening #Amaryllis #Plants #OriginalContent #Bulbs
  4. My prediction was off by a few days, but look who joined the party this morning. #GardensOfPost #Indoors #Bulbs #Amaryllis
  5. Monday, March 4 @ 2:13PM I bought this with the intention of getting it to bloom in time for Christmas. Well, that never happened. Found it still in the box and looking very dried out a few weeks ago, Wasn't sure if it was still viable, but I plopped it in the pot anyway to see wh
  6. No soil, no water, no problem

    Let the Amaryllis remind you to always keep your face toward the sun. Happy Saturday. #Amaryllis #GardensOfPost #Flowers #Garden #Saturday #Postpics #OriginalContent #Winter #2024
  7. Pop Up Plant: Amaryllis

    December flowers! These are great little gifts you can find in many colors right now! Amaryllis are another popular seasonal bulb & have large, beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers. They bloom within 6-8 weeks of planting & although traditionally seen growing in soil, can also be sta