1. There’s an element of humility when we try to help the needy, but we only get resentment when we try to help the greedy. The greedy are never satisfied, because they want it ALL. They think that we are the weak ones. Kindness is free and its return on investment is priceless.
  2. The Noble Act of Donorship: A Gift of Life

    In the realm of modern medicine, the act of Donorship stands as a beacon of hope, a profound gesture of compassion, and a gift of life. As medical science continues to advance, the significance of Donor in various contexts, whether it be organ donation, blood donation, or tissue
  3. Fans salute CR7 after generously giving penalty to Sadio Mane in Kings Cup semis

    Fans have praised Cristiano Ronaldo's selfless act during Al-Nassr's Saudi Kings Cup semi-final against Al Khaleej, where he generously passed the penalty-taking responsibility to teammate Sadio Mane. PAY ATTENTION: Checkout Fixtures ; Live Scores ; Results and Tables section on Spo
  4. Word of the Day 05.01.24 -- Beneficent (adjective | buh-NEF-uh-suhnt): Generous or doing good. "I hope that machines can be taught to be beneficent toward humans." Synonyms: altruistic, benevolent, benign, big-hearted, charitable, compassionate, helpful, humanitarian, kind, philant
  5. Kakamega Well-Wisher Seeks KSh 30k to Burry Grandmum of Young Boy She Took In: "Father is Unknown"

    By Linda Shiundu A well-wisher in Kakamega is appealing for financial support to give a dignified burial to the mother of a young boy under her care Elsy, who took in the young boy out of sheer goodwill, is now facing the daunting task of arranging a proper burial for his grandmoth
  6. Encouraging inquiry

    Altruists seek to understand how their actions will affect others—while willful ignorance can free people to act selfishly: "Why Some People Choose Not to Know" @scientificamer (Plus- Rachel Carson) “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” #altruism #behavioralpsychology #behav
  7. Some have saved big during the obnoxious Black Friday sales. More will take advantage of the abominable Cyber Monday offers. (No comments about business practices, etc. Products should be affordable all year round.) Found this site while searching for assisting the less fortunate.
  8. Jake Rejects Jeff Probst’s “Rice Negotiation” Silliness — There’s no Altruism in Survivor!

    At Tribal Council, Jeff tried to justify his pre-challenge rice “negotiation” but Jake shut him down, noting there is no altruism in Survivor. 3rd TikTok today: You can also see Jake rebut Jeff as a YouTube Short: Or on Instagram: #Survivor45 #Survivor #RealityTV #WhyXLost #TV #T
  9. Gratitude

    Make today the day you choose gratitude over entitlement, practice humility over pride, exercise generosity instead of selfishness. You are doing well, your life is good - pay it forward. --- #homeless #hungry #dirty #poverty #care #love #life #humble #altruism #gratitude #goodvibe
  10. How Sam Bankman-Fried’s ex-girlfriend helped topple the crypto king

    By Martha McHardy and Ariana Baio Caroline Ellison and Sam Bankman-Fried were similar in many ways. Both were the children of academics, both were hailed as math geniuses, and both embraced “effective altruism ” – a philosophy that involves making large sums of money to fund philant