1. An Inside Look At 100 Years of Honoring America’s War Dead

    By Zita Ballinger Fletcher America is a nation built on distinct individualism as well as common values. This sense of diversity in unity is something reflected in a very physical sense in the war cemeteries and monuments maintained by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABM
  2. There's a lot of Allied naval power in the Med right now and this does not include the subs.
  3. As the day ran in 1944:
  4. Allied casualty retrieved from a tree following the crash of a medical evacuation plane in Burma, 1944.
  5. How Did Turkey—Completely Surrounded by Warring Powers—Remain Neutral During Most of World War II?

    By Mac Carey It wasn’t until February 23, 1945, that the Turkish Grand National Assembly voted—unanimously—to declare war on Germany and Japan. This was only six weeks after Turkey severed links with Japan, six months since ending diplomatic relations with longtime trading partner